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  • Wir machen Musik - Klassik in Ruhpolding

    New Year's concert


    Beginning at 17 o'clock

    In the parish hall of the protestant Johanneskirche Christl-Probst-Straße 19, 83324 Ruhpolding, free admission.
    Performers: Karin Beer, piano, flute, Felix Beer, oboe, Raphaela Debus, violin, Nannette-Christine Goletzko, piano. With works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and selected Japanese composers.

    Who ever wanted to travel to Japan ;)

    Chamber Music Concert with Mika Enjo, transverse flute and Nannette Christine Goletzko, Piano with works by W.A. Mozart, Robert Schumann, Johann Sebastian Bach and selected Japanese composers.
    Kansai Seminarhaus, Kyoto beginning 14 o'clock.

    Cordial invitation

    Attention: The 9.11 is a Friday!

    Karel Kunc Chamber Music Competition October 2017

    With all our heart we congratulate Raphaela Debus, violin and Jan Zhong, piano at this year's Karel-Kunc Chamber Music Competition October 2018 for a second prize. In particular, they convinced the jury with a work by Volker Blumenthaler "Fantasterei" for violin and piano. They are also allowed to perform this work during a concert in Bad Dürckheim on 20 January 2019. Congratulations.

    Benefit concert

    On June 2, 2018, a charity concert for the children's home Fujinosono in Ichinoseki took place in the gallery Falkenstern fine art in Kampen on Sylt. The performers were: Mika Enjo - flute, Nannette Christine Goletzko - piano. Since 2012, donations of these concerts have been used to finance food deliveries to this orphanage in Japan. The eighth grocery delivery is planned for December 2018.

    National Competition Jugend Musiziert 2018

    We warmly congratulate Calvin and Daniel Diao, who won a 3rd prize in the category Piano four hands in age group IV with 21 points at this year's federal competition in Lübeck.

    Music "Klassik in Ruhpolding"

    Hard-working participants

    Hard-working helpers


    The guest of honor, Mr. Claus Pichler Mayor of Ruhpolding, congratulated on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the course "Wir machen Musik – Klassik in Ruhpolding".

    Piano and Chamber Music Course 2018

    Spread joy...

    This year's event of my stay in Japan was next to the concert on 7.11. in Kyoto, certainly the visit of the children's home Fujinosono in Ichinoseki, in the north of Fukushima. Mika and I, we made a musical afternoon with the children on 12.11.

    Feeling the enthusiasm and joy of the children was a delightful and enriching experience for us. It has shown me that helping these children really makes sense.

    The next charity concert for this project will take place on the 2.6.2018 at 20 o'clock in the gallery Falkenstein Fine Art Siegwart Sprotte Art and Art in Kampen on Sylt.
    Performers: Mika Enjo, Flute, Nannette - Christine Goletzko, Piano.
    From the proceeds of this concert, the eighth food delivery to this children's home will be launched.

    Many thanks in this way to all who support this project!

    Chamber concert with Mika Enjo
    Flute in Kyoto, Japan 2017

    After the concert on 7.11. was announced in Kyoto in the newspaper, it was sold out after a short time.

    The audience was visibly impressed by the artistic and harmonious interaction of the two musicians. Intense applause and three encores ended this beautiful concert.

    Certainly the special atmosphere in HAKUSASONSO also contributed to the success.
    Info on http:/www.hakusasonso.jp/english

    The proceeds went to Mr. Hashimoto Kansetsu, a small contribution to preserve this beautiful museum and the associated garden.

    Karel Kunc Competition 2017

    Bad Dürkheim

    We congratulate Hannah Julia Trapp and Antonia Greifenstein on their success at this year's Karel Kunc competition. They achieved a second prize in their age group II.

    May 2017

    The seventh food delivery for the children's home in Ichinoseki, took place in May 2017. The purchase was based on the list, the sister Cealina Mauer sent us. Everyone involved was happy about fruit preservers, durable pasta and much more.

    Final concert "We make music Klassik in Ruhpolding" on June 11, 2017

    Also in the 20th year of the course "Wir machen Musik", the beginning was in 1998, this musical event has not lost its fascination. In the packed hall of the old school in Ruhpolding, the listeners were presented with a thrilling final concert. It played, under other federal prizewinners in the field Piano solo 2017, Danai Voigatzi, piano solo, AG III, 1st prize, Markus Philipp Schirmer, piano solo, AG VI, 3rd prize and Sonja Andreasch together with Diane Lahmi, both cello, AG IV, 3rd prize. Also to be heard in the final concert Raphaela Debus, violin, with Lukas Phan, piano, they achieved a 1st prize in October 2016 in the Karel-Kunc competition in Bad Dürkheim, AG VI.

    We were also very happy about several new students like Manuela Hannebuth (4 years old) and her sister Dorothea Hannebuth (7 years old), who astonished the audience because of their musical achievements at this age.

    National competition Jugendmusiziert 2017

    Markus Philipp Schirmer, AG VI, piano solo
    3rd prize.

    Chamber music for flute and piano

    On November 23, 2016, Kansai Seminar House in Kyoto (Japan) hosted a much acclaimed chamber concert. Performer Mika Enjo, transverse flute, and Nannette Christine Goletzko, piano.

    Dear Mrs. Goletzko,

    Please excuse me for thanking you so late for your concert. In the meantime, I have heard many reactions. All listeners were deeply affected. With your encore, the Ave Maria von Bach, many have come to tears. Mika's flute playing and your accompaniment, which fitted so well together, have also mesmerized the musical "lay people" among the listeners. In our Kansai Seminar House I have not experienced a concert that impressed the audience so deeply. Personally, on behalf of all our employees and on behalf of all the listeners, I would like to thank you once again. It was indescribably beautiful.

    By Klaus Spennemann (Director of Kansai Seminar House)

    Program booklet

    Visit to sister Celina
    in Ichinoseki in the north of Japan

    During my visit in November 2016, I was able to convince myself how much Sister Celina, her staff and above all the children were looking forward to the next food delivery. As always, the region is repeatedly shaken by strong earthquakes, so that sister Celina has primarily wanted food for emergencies. This means canned fruits, vegetables and also pasta (noodles). It made me happy to see how grateful and positive our support is accepted.

    Appraisal of stocks.
    In the kitchen.
    Ichinoseki Station.

    ...and again we are happy to see
    a very good competition result

    Raphaela Debus, violin, and Lukas Phan, piano, won a 1st prize in the national Karel-Kunc competition in chamber music on October 3, 16. We congratulate to this beautiful success!
    To the certificate

    Successful entrance exam by Milena Müller

    Milena Müller, national award winner in chamber music in 2015, as well as winner of the Bechstein Competition, Berlin, successfully passed the entrance exam at the Würzburg Academy of Music in winter semester 2016/17 and will start studying at the Musikhochschule Würzburg with Prof. Dombrowski with the main subject piano.

    Final concert - Wir machen Musik
    Klassik in Ruhpolding 2016

    The again very successful course at Pentecost in Ruhpolding with numerous participants from many German cities reached its climax in this year's final concert on 22.05.2016. The concert showed amazing performances by the young artists and was accompanied by long-lasting applause and numerous "bravo" calls.

    Carl-Schroeder competition 2016

    Hannah Julia Trapp (11, piano) won the title "outstanding" in piano accompaniment at the nationwide Carl Schroeder Competition 2016.

    International Youth Competition in Essen

    Markus Phillip Schirmer won a 3rd prize at the international competition of youth 2016 in Essen.

    Markus will perform part of his program in the prizewinners' concert, which will be held at 11:00 on the 12.06 at the Essen Philharmonic Hall. He will play the Etude op. 12 in D minor by A. Skriabin and the Stier from the Macrocosm by G. Crumb.

    Duo Achievements at Jugend Musiziert

    Hannah Julia Trapp (11, piano) and Antonia Greifenstein (10, oboe) scored a 1st prize in the regional competition in Nürnberg Jugend Musiziert, and were forwarded on to the next round of the competition in the age group II. In addition, they also received the Sparkassen Förderpreis for special Duo Achievements.

    At the Bavarian state competition in Regensburg, the duo also scored a 1st prize in age group II.

    Shopping for the sixth grocery delivery to Ichinoseki

    At the request of Sister Celina, many food items were purchased (canned fruit and vegetables) for the meanwhile sixth delivery of food to the children's home of Sister Celina Mauer in Ichinoseki (Japan). The delivery of the purchased food will be done by DHL in mid/end of November 2015. At this point I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my students, who made it possible to buy and send the necessary food because of all the organized concerts. Likewise, my thanks goes to DHL (represented by Mr. Oliver Darr), who delivered the food safely and reliably to Ichinoseki.

    National Bach Competition for
    young pianists in Köthen 2015

    Hannah Julia Trapp earned in the age group I (eight to ten years) with 21.4 points a promotion prize.

    Markus Philipp Schirmer also earned an promotion prize in the age group III (15 to 19 years) with 21.6 points.

    Carl Bechstein Competition Berlin 2015

    Raphaela Debus, violin, and Milena Müller, piano, won a 3rd prize at the national Carl Bechstein Competition in October 2015 in Berlin.

    Kunstraum Klosterkirche Traunstein

    27.6.2015, beginning 17:00: Piano Class Nannette-Christine Goletzko, works for piano solo, as well as for piano in combination with violin or cello are presented by laureates of the national competition Jugend Musiziert, the international Grotrian-Steinweg-Competition, Braunschweig and the Steinway competition, Berlin. The concert is a charity concert for the children's home in Ichinoseki (Japan).

    Successes at the national competition 2015

    Lukas Phan (piano) and Janis Roos (violin) received a second prize in age group IV at the national competition Jugend Musiziert. Furthermore Milena Müller (piano) and Raphaela Debus (violin) won a 3rd prize in the age group V.

    1st prize for Markus Philipp Schirmer at the
    International 61st Grotrian Steinweg Competition

    Markus Philipp Schirmer has achieved an outstanding success at this year's Grotrian-Steinweg competition in Braunschweig: he won a 1st prize in age group VI!

    Cultural Award for Alexander Zamosteanu

    Alexandra Zamosteanu received the ARTS Culture Prize of the Kultufördervereinigung Traunstein e.V. on October 9, 2014.

    Charity concerts for the children's home
    in Ichinoseki (Japan)

    Performers: Selected winners of various competitions
    Admission is free, but donations are welcome!

    Places and times:
    Gallery Sprotte in Kampen on Sylt
    on 04. October 2013 at 20:30.