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  • May 2017

    The seventh food delivery for the children's home in Ichinoseki, took place in May 2017. The purchase was based on the list, the sister Cealina Mauer sent us. Everyone involved was happy about fruit preservers, durable pasta and much more.

    Shopping for the sixth grocery delivery
    to Ichinoseki

    Pictures from the delivery in November 2014.

    DHL has delivered five major food shipments to Ichinoseki to date. The joy of the children and the nurses expressed in Sister Celinas thanks touches us every time.

    Before each food delivery, we ask Sister Celina what is needed and put together the delivery to her liking. Preserved fruit, pasta (such as spaghetti), canned vegetables (tomatoes, beans, corn) are still in first place. Fruits are very expensive in Japan and are still considered as something special.

    After the fifth delivery shortly before Christmas, we also created an advent calendar for each child. The joy of the children was indescribable. Every morning at breakfast was a conversation, who had what in the door. Advent calendars are not common in Japan. At this point, I would like to thank everyone involved - in particular DHL (represented by Mr. Olivier Darr) - who make this project possible, as well as my students who support me with their diligence and willingness to participate in the concerts.

    Thank you!

    Film reportage about the charity concert
    in the gallery Sprotte in Kampen on Sylt on 4.10.2013.