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  • Piano class in Nuremberg

    Music laureates of
    nationwide and international competitions (click here)

    Since 1980 her students have won around 240 prizes at the nationwide stated music competition "Jugend musiziert", including several First Prize Winners in the country and the federal level participating in categories such as piano solo, piano trio, piano accompaniment as well as duo valuations like piano-violin or piano-cello. In addition, her students have been awarded further promotions and prizes at national and international piano competitions (e.g. the Steinway Competition Hamburg/Berlin, the Grotrian Steinweg Piano Competition Braunschweig, the Robert Schumann Piano Competition Youth Zwickau or the Piano Competiton J.S. Bach Köthen). Currently she is acting as a private teacher; instructive commissioned at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (since 1979); founding member, managing Director and Chairman of the Jury of the Piano Competition Nuremberg. She is also a mentor of piano methodology at the Musikhochschule in Nuremberg.

    Nannette-Christine Goletzko received further education and piano lessons from Prof. Karl-Heinz Schlüter (Nuremberg), Prof. Erich Appel (Nuremberg/Würzburg), Prof. Klaus Schilde (Munich) and Prof. Gunhilde Cramer (Stuttgart). During her studies at the Meistersinger Conservatory in Nuremberg she started teaching piano privately in order to build up an established student's family. Her first protégés in the 80s went to "Jugend musiziert" and were so successful that Goletzko decided to leave her professional career aside and enlarge her pedagogue abilities.

    The lectureship at the EWF she received in 1979 confirmed her decision and she continues to practice there. Concerning piano techniques, Goletzko appreciates relaxed piano playing, which means that certain proven techniques and movement runnings, for hand and body relaxation are taught from early easy pieces on, leading up to more difficult exercises, e.g. Chopin's Etudes. The main emphasis of her piano class are pieces by J.S. Bach and analytic understanding of modern composers and their newly developed playing techniques (see e.g. G. Crumb: Makrokosmos) "The way is your reward" as well as "lifelong learning - no standstill" are two principles of Goletzko's mediation towards her students. As an example, she is presently busy improving her Japanese skills, to deepen her connection to that country and its inhabitants. Furthermore, she was so filled with consternation regarding the horrible catastrophy in Fukushima, that she helps by donating benefit concert revenues towards food and support for a children's home near the hotspot - she keeps herself up to date with the current situation there.